“Strategic Advisory” : XS-Axis Consulting has a strong track record on developing proper strategies aimed at responding to today’s challenges thus providing practical recommendations across various sectors. We provide for strategic options throughout project’s identification, prepration, and implementation stages. On top, our team advices our clients on their strategic choice regarding the selection of procurement processes and developing a proper procurement strategy by shedding light on how best-practice procurement functions aimed at providing higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness. Our comprehensive services focus on:

We conduct Status-Quo analysis and evaluation of existing frameworks of the projects, with regards to the assessment of institutional, legal procurement processes and pipeline across various sectors.

We conduct Gap Analysis related to Status-Quo of performance and pipelines considering existing challenges in the context of frameworks, and policies. Our team of experts provides support and draft recommendations and guidelines for improved processes and procedures of implementation, as well as review and evaluate project’s Proposals, Business Case, Contracts, etc.

Including procurement-specific tools and accelerators (Request for Proposals templates, Evaluation Methods/Sheets, etc.)


Value for Money

  1. Provide project assessment to demonstrate the economic and financial opportunity of  among various financing modes (public procurement, PPPs, etc.) through developing quantitative and qualitative comparative analysis.
  2. Consultancy support in development of financial modelling tools, which can be used for effectively and objectively benchmarking the Value for Money of different projects under the a specific financing scheme (Support services include assistance in the assessment of project’s financial sustainability, and developing case studies as guidance for implementing financing tools).

Future Development Strategy

  1. Assist Governments and clients in drawing roadmap for increasing private participation in infrastructure projects.
  2. Capacity Management and Training, Due Diligence, and Risk/Compliance Management.
  3. Development strategy and implimentation plan to promote activities and optimize the project’s objectives, providing analysis of current market and economic conditions regarding the implementation process.