“International Development Advisory” focuses on services and projects in emerging markets, as well as developing countries. Our team provides lead advisory services to clients (international, bilateral, multilateral institutions as well as multinational organizations) in various sub-sectors aimed at structuring complex deals.

Projects Financing

Structuring PPPs as alternative procurement options making use of  various financing options such as project financing or forfeiting.

Advising on financing options through benchmarking, market  analysis and sector analysis.

Advise on best practice PPP procurement options.

Technical assistance across the various stages of the PPP project life  cycle.


Providing strategic, process advice on the optimal choice and design option of a divestiture.

Coordination and advise of clients through various stages of the privatization cycle, including the tender process:

  1. Project Identification: Public Consultation, Assess Pre-Feasibility Studies.
  2. Preparation: Teaser, Information Memorandum, Tender Notice, etc.
  3. Procurement: Identify Bidders, Support Data Room Set Up, etc.
  4. Evaluation of Bidders’ Proposals, Negotiations.

Sector Advisory

Analyse the Client’s business environment and  provide solutions   for reorientation and growth.

Advise on market structure, demand analysis business planning,   bench-marking options, and other business planning elements   (tariffs, economic models, development strategies, etc.)