XS-Axis Consulting (XS-Axis) was established in 2012 to respond to the increasing challenges faced by public and private sector as stakeholders, and to close the advisory gap across the infrastructure sectors in transition economies and developing countries. We advise on complex projects, ranging from Infrastructure Advisory to International Development Advisory and Management Advisory Services. We share our knowledge of the options available based on our international and cross-sector experience over the past two decades.

Our Mission

As an experienced advisory firm with a focus on providing services in the area of PPPs, XS-Axis Consulting aims at bundling expertise and pragmatic approach to develop tailor-made solutions and respond to the needs of both public and private sectors.

Since our establishment in 2012, we have developed a reputation for professional independent consulting on infrastructure strategy, procurement, financing as well as evaluation thereof – attributes that are rooted in our team’s long-term experience in providing strategic advisory services as well as evaluating institutions and programs. It is our utmost mission not only to deliver tailor-made concepts for the diverse set of clients, but also to ensure foremost the quality of service delivery and timeliness.

Our Added Value

We are known for our core values of professionalism and analytical rigor combined with extensive expertise. What makes us different and unique from the market is our combination of methodical, comprehensive approach and expeditious solutions that respond to our client’s needs in the most effective way.

While other advisory firms have traditionally a broad scope of advisory services, our team is highly specialized and combines market knowledge with an independent perspective to provide an objective assessment and evaluation of project options, business processes, and financing structures. This helps our clients to avoid areas of potential conflict, navigate competing interests, mitigate risks, capitalize on strategic opportunities to ultimately advance existing programs and businesses.

How We Work

We address strategic choices that need to be made by developing country governments. With a longstanding experience of working with both governments and private sector bidders, we help to bring in our specialist knowledge of many different institutions, both local and international to offer the best strategic and financing options.

When it comes to accountability, we provide accurate reports and information to our stakeholders.

XS-Axis Consulting provides a multi-disciplinary skill set ranging from economics to finance, and cross-sector experience . We have a strong network to help our clients succeed, and our team creates lasting values for our clients by providing state of the art technical and managerial capabilities to our projects.


Our work is based on the idea that challenges faced in transition economies must be tackled through both public and private sector alike.

We believe prosperity is driven by…

– private sector as the main engine of economic growth, and

– proper frameworks of governance via sound public policies and institutions;

Our team supports donors such as multilateral, bilateral institutions to manage strategic choices, funding and procurement challenges of their clients.