“Infrastructure Advisory” provides advisory services and tailor-made solutions both to public and private sector institutions active in infrastructure and transport with focus on capacity and transaction advice. We organize our proprietary diagnostic approaches to assist strategic decision making from project planning, financing, and development to operations. Our robust planning tools and project management frameworks ensure smooth implementation of projects and initiatives.

  1. Assist Governments/ Public Partners in establishing an environment for private sector participation in alignment with the sector’s priorities.
  2. Encompass a wide spectrum of areas such as PPP promotion policy, PPP legislations, drafting PPP Laws from the perspective of a transaction adviser, formulating guidelines (PPP Guidelines).
  3. Develop methodologies and tools for the public partner to effectively implement PPP projects.
  1. Assist pre-feasibility and feasibility stage of  PPP projects including reviewing, evaluating and consulting  the attractiveness and readiness of the submitted projects.
  2. Advise on and conduct economic impact analysis considering the potential of the designated project, its vision and strategies in balance with public interest.
  3. Analyze economic aspects in the setting of current policies and address solutions.
  1. Analyze institutional structures and develop realistic options to bridge gaps.
  2. Advise Governments in following proper procedures of a PPP project implementation, starting from the establishment of a PPP Commission Unit, based on international best practice.
  3. Design tailor-made training concepts based on need analysis, and implement capacity building programs.
  4. Support financial advise to Governments and private sector to develop “bankable” contractual frameworks, contractual designs in the context of public tenders.

Transaction Advisory

The focus of our Transaction Advisory Service Unit is to assist governments in the planning, procurement and implementation of small, medium to large-scale transactions for Infrastructure and related sectors. The key objective is to improve the quality of project outcomes and allow our clients to fully evaluate investment opportunities, creating a competitive edge for interested investors. Through our deep understanding of policy and regulatory issues, our industry knowledge and technical expertise, we can optimize your business case, provide financial advisory services on project finance, PPPs and infrastructure merger and acquisition transactions globally.

Our range of services include:
  1. Assist governments and the private sector develop bankable projects and providing solutions to select strong project partners.
  2. State of the Art transaction advise throughout the PPP and divestiture cycles.
  3. Advise jointly with legal experts on optimal procurement choice.
  4. Advise on M&A processes aimed at transforming and optimizing efficiency in businesses.
  5. Provide solutions based on sound and transparent processes in market research, financial assessment, risk management, contract formulation, and bidder selection, supported by an independent approach and unique credibility in the market.

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Standard Procurement Procedures