Project Overview

  • Date:
  • 2016- 2018
  • Client:
  • Millennium Challenge Account – Indonesia
  • Volume:
  • Confidential
  • Sector:
  • Water
  • Position:
  • Lead Strategic Advisory
  • Area of Expertise:
  • Feasibility Study, PPP Procurement, Value for Money, Legal and Institutional Compliance, Stakeholder Dialogue


Strategic Advisory Services to Government of Indonesia - Bekasi Water Supply Pilot Project

The objective of the Bekasi Water project is to provide water supply access network to residents in Bekasi City. PPP scope includes the roles of the private sector in financing for the bulk water supply system (intake, raw water pipe network, primary and secondary distribution network to transfer piped water to villages); while the public sector shall finance the operation and maintenance of tertiary and household connections to end-users. The Project aims at applying a combination of a Build-Operate-Transfer (“BOT”) scheme and a Build-Transfer (“BT”) scheme.

XS-Axis Consulting was the Lead Adviser to LKPP and PDAM (as GCA) to review the existing Outline Business Case, and revalidate the viability of the Project in terms of legal, technical and financial compliance.


Scope of work and the assignment includes the following tasks:

  1. Review of Outline Business Case prior to development of Final Business Case based on existing data and the Value for Money analysis to be embodied in the Pre-FS.
  2. Support in Real Demand Survey reassessment, revalidation of current water consumption, and patterns.
  3. Revalidation of studies on supply and demand of water and the water quality in the project area, raw water intake condition of the GCA.
  4. Lead and Support to the legal team in review and analysis of the existing institutional arrangements, and ongoing investment in the water sector by PDAM as GCA to understand risks.
  5. Examine the existing and applicable financial support available to PDAM to implement this project.