Assignment Description

The key objective of the PPP Program is to build capability within the Government of Indonesia (at Municipal and Provincial levels) to ensure the benefits achieved during the PPP Preparation and Transaction stages are sustainable. Capacity development of GCAs and LKPP was aimed at helping the public sector understand the new LKPP Perka 19/2015 on Procedures on Procurement, and providing sufficient capacity to undertake preparation of PPP Procurement and the underlying analysis as well as evaluations to be consistent with the LKPP Perka.

As such, ensuring transfer of knowledge to LKPP and the GCAs is critical to ensure the objectives of the program are achieved and the GCAs are able to effectively conduct PPP Procurement activities for future projects. Thus, XS-Axis Consulting as one of the advising firms was asked to develop a sustainable PPP training program including 3 class levels (Ad-hoc, Basic and Intermediate) of Capacity Building and a Train-of-Trainers program, aim at strengthening the capacity of the Local/ Municipal Contracting Agencies in PPP principles and concepts, and focusing on the procurement/transaction aspects of economic and social sector infrastructure. The classes entailed the transfer of basics on PPPs with a focus on conveying the various phases of the PPP project cycle in a documented manner. Intermediate classes were aimed at presentation of particular subjects such as financial modelling, risk allocation, and more in-depth training on the Procurement Procedures following LKPP Perka. Training targets included the Procurement Committee members and other stakeholders nominated by the GCAs.


  1. Design the training concept and provide training through workshops, tailored not only towards GCAs, but also involve LKPP and BAPPENAS and other stakeholders.
  2. Prepare and assist in the development and delivery of training and mentoring program for the PPP activity.
  3. Introduce the basics of a PPP, including the PPP procurement process and learning from international best practices and Indonesian practices
  4. In-depth training on PPP procurement processes (best practice and the Indonesian framework)
  5. Ensure the PPP training and mentoring activity includes knowledge management and sharing that is sustainable.
  6. Coordinate and act as a link between LKPP and other key agencies and partners involved in supporting PPP Implementation Activities.
  7. Assist in developing a Stakeholder Dialogue Model consisting of processes and methodologies to contribute collectively towards a sustainable PPP EcoSystem.
    • Support LKPP in learning and understanding the benefits of recommendations for the new LKPP Procurement Procedures revision.
    • Complete the development of a Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue Framework to expedite the implementation of the PPP Pilot Program; including raising awareness and creating a sense of urgency amongst relevant key stakeholders on the application of new LKPP Procurement Procedures.
    • Conduct various Public workshops, such as at the Procurement expo, foreign investor briefings.