Project Description: Supporting the Modernization of Public Finance

The implementation of Partnership Contract in Cameroon wishes to have a new powerful tool for comparative analysis of the projects, to determine in each case the public control mode most advantageous. The intervention targets the development of a well-round designed comparative tool that can effectively and objectively compare the Value for Money of different projects under the PPP scheme. The use of the tool will result in the establishment and comparison of a potential PPP proposal (shadow bid) with a traditional public procurement solution with implementation in governance (MOP, public sector comparator type).

XS-Axis Consulting as the leading firm of the consortium was selected towards the progress of creating this benchmarking tool, in association with F1F9 – world’s leading financial modeling firm.


  1. Delivering a computer application developed using Microsoft Excel as means of calculation for performing Value for Money comparative analysis of projects by public sector mode and PPP.
  2. Remote assistance over a period of 12 months after completion is required, for any matter relating to the operation and use of the tool as part of screening assessment procedures PPP projects.
  3. Developing case study for the client training on using the Value for Money tool.