Project Description: Private Sector Assessment of Cambodian Infrastructure Sector

The Sub-Working Group on PPPs in Cambodia needed support to get a better understanding of the private sector delivery profile in the country and XS-Axis Consulting was asked to conduct an assessment of Cambodia’s private sector, and to provide a road map including recommendations on the path forward concerning future options for the involvement of actors in the area of PPPs in various sectors including energy. The objective of our team was to assess the landscape for financing, provision; regulation and institutional structure, as far as both public and private sectors are concerned.


Our team looked into the status-quo at the national level and the various forms of partnerships or collaborations that have taken place previously to get a better understanding of the various perceptions on PPPs an concrete measures as well as initiative or types of PPPs that may have taken place to promote partnerships and PPPs in the country. We provided lessons learned from existing lessons and cases. We conducted a stakeholder presentation and consultation with sub working group to present the findings and get their ideas on next steps.