Project Description: Advising on PPP Institutional, Policy, and Financial and Legal Frameworks SADC3P

Following the inauguration of the SADC PPP Network in February 2011, the DFRC convened a meeting of the Task Force comprising representatives from various member states and institutions at which the concept, mission and plans of the SADC PPP Network were crystallized, and further guidance provided for the preparation of relevant strategic documents on Public and Private Partnership Models. On the 1st and 2nd of March 2012, the first Steering Committee Meeting of the SADC-3P Network was held and it was agreed that at a comprehensive Regional Strategy would be needed to help to develop a regional harmonized policy on PPPs for Policy, Regulatory Frameworks and Institutional Arrangements. XS-Axis Consulting rendered the advisory services for developng a methodology to come up with a cross-country Regional Strategy for the region.The Strategy paper developed aimed at harmonizing, to the extent possible, PPP policies, legal frameworks and institutional arrangements in SADC concernign infrastructure PPPs. Therefore, it was to be as comprehensive as possible drawing lessons from the rest of the world.

  • For each Member State of the SADC, XS-Axis Consulting conducted a country paper, focusing on the specific features of the country’s PPP Policy, Institutional Arrangements and Legal Framework. Our country papers served for the Governments and its Ministries to refine, develop and ultimately further develop as far as possible its PPP policies, legal frameworks and institutional arrangements.
  • The recommendations provided were passed in the Ministries of Finance in May, 2013. Thus, the recommendations of the Regional Strategy document will in future guide the PPP Framework of 14 Member Countries across the SADC  Region aimed at harmonizing PPPs across the region.


  1. Developing a methodology on benchmarking of PPP Frameworks across 4 developed countries and 4 SADC Member Countries
  2. Application of benchmarking across 8 selected countries to draw lessons on the Policy Frameworks, Institutional settings and financing infrastructure project including renewable energy in these counrties.
  3. Status-Quo analysis and evaluation of existing frameworks for each of the 14 Member countries
  4. SWOT Analysis and development of options on how to address challenges based on XS-Axis Consulting tool “Transform”
  5. Provision of relevant recommendations aimed at proceeding with implementation and promotion of PPP schemes across selected countries;
  6. Evaluate country’s approach towards developing a PPP framework based on the recommendation provided to the Ministry of Finance and the roadmap developed for SADC countries;
  7. Evaluate PPP Framework in terms of its PPP policy – addressing the government formulations, scope and implementation principles
  8. Evaluate operational framework – concerning the PPP processes and institutional responsibilities
  9. Analyze the legislature , prudent laws and regulations enabling public sector to enforce and implement PPPs;
  10. Provide recommendations and next steps.