Project Title: Consultancy on Public-Private Partnerships and Financing of PPPs

The Government of Albania is intent on using PPPs and concessions to a larger degree in future. Nevertheless, the contracts should be awarded in a sustainable manner – both with regards to their financial implications to the public budget, but also with regards to the quality of the contractual process and the contract documents. XS-Axis Consulting was asked by the Prime Minister’s Office for support on the following issues of PPPs:

  • Financing PPPs: the suitability of implementing the methodology of “forfeiting” – a financing mechanism widely used in Germany
  • The Ministry of Economy, Trade, Tourism and Entrepreneurship Development has requested the drafting of an internal guideline on PPPs and concessions for its staff membersa.


  • Drafting a short assessment (15 pages, English) on the applicability of forfeiting in Albania.
  • In the course of the project, the consultant is also requested to provide additional information on a list of questions shared with the consultant and provide responses hereto, and provide a brief comparative analysis of project financing versus forfeiting, and
  • Provide technical backstopping to the local consultant on the drafting of PPP guidelines
  • Reviewing and discussing the structure of the guideline with the local lawyers; and
  • Providing feedback and comments to 8 chapters of the guidelines